Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Tony Iommi is a man who needs no introduction among metal fans, this is the man who layed the riffs which are at the very foundation of all that is metal, without his riffs metal would not be what it is today and the influences of his riffs can be heard in every band that has followed since and has flown the flag for metal. From Priest to Maiden, from Metallica to Slayer, From Death to Morbid Angel, From Venom to Bathory, From Pantera to Machine Head and last but not least From Pentagram to Saint Vitus and beyond all have without a doubt been heavily influenced by this man's music. To say you are a metal fan without knowing of Black Sabbath is to say you are a tree without roots. Even if you don't know it you are listening to his music indirectly through his disciples. Now let's move on to this mammoth project undertaken by a dear friend of mine along with the help of a great team of believers and supporters. This album is pure dedication, belief and passion in it's truest form. A double disc set containing no less than twenty Sabbath covers. Produced by Mike Exeter who has a long history of recording with Tony on some of his solo albums and projects along with Heaven and Hell's The Devil You Know and the latest Black Sabbath album 13 and the production goes without saying on this is simply nothing short of amazing, the sound is the first thing which hits you, the wall of sound created has such an organic and natural feel that it takes you right back to the first Sabbath albums. It's nice to see the song selection is varied with each era of Tony's career getting properly represented. some of the songs even surprise like Phil Jakes acoustic instrumental take on the familiar Behind the Wall of Sleep. Some old band mates also make an appearance as does Vinny Appice on Kyle Cousins take of Heaven and Hell and Tony Martin makes an appearance alongside Giuntini on Anno Mundi which sounds nothing short of amazing and really  breeds new life into the song, if only the Tyr album had had this production it would have sounded monstrous. Place of Skulls and Victor Griffen an advent follower of  Iommi puts in a damn fine performance of You Won't Change me which showcases some sublime soloing. There are simply so many highlights to mention them all. The accompanying booklet also deserves a special mention featuring details on every musician and those who have taken part, their is also a great and insightful introduction by Martin M. Jacobsen Ph.D. in which he discusses his thoughts on Tony's music. This project has been realized and executed with great heart and is one of those rare undertakings which has been done for the fans by the fans. Why you may ask, the answer is for the sheer love and respect for the music and to top things off all proceedings will go in order to aid The Macmillan Cancer Support UK..
There's not much more which can be said only this is a great release which deserves to be heard so grab yourself a copy and support a great cause with the added bonus of hearing some of the greatest riffs ever written played in his eternal honour, thank you Tony Iommi.