Monday, April 13, 2015

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On June 9th 2015, Tridroid Records will unleash its next digital-only release: the raw black metal of Poetries of Oppression by Dogmatic Absolution.


Dogmatic Absolution was born at the end of 2011, in Finale Emilia, a small town near Modena, Italy. The band was created by the ex-bassist Amnesia and the guitarist El. After some sessions, Dogmatic Absolution decided to take on a second guitarist, Alaskan. Later, the singer Algeroth joined the band, lending his unique voice. In 2012 Dogmatic Absolution have released an EP titled “In His Trinity Essence” which was limited to 50 copies. This small release was a concept album focused on opposition to the Christian trinity. At a later stage, the guitarist Alaskan and the bassist Amnesia left the band, and the bassist was replaced by Azazel. The band's line-up is now stabilised with three members: Algeroth, El and Azazel. With this line-up the band then released a demo titled "Promo 2013", and will now release "Poetries of Oppression" in June 2015.


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