Saturday, March 21, 2015

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Icelandic/Norwegian Black Metallers and Schwarzdorn Production signees FORTID, will be releasing their long awaited new full length album entitled "9" on March 27th via Schwarzdorn Production. The wait was a long one for FORTID fans, but the final product proves the band has not lost a step, and has further refined its splendid mix of roots-based Icelandic/Norwegian Black Metal and Pagan flourishes. Though the song writing is full of depth and tunefulness, on "9" the creation of mood and atmosphere is paramount.

9 Tracklisting:
1. Hrafnar 
2. Hugur
3. Nornir 
4. Viska 
5. Leit  
6. 9 
7. Galdur 
8. Rúnir 
9. Hof 


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