Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Ukraine's oldest protagonists of old school doom APOSTATE have unleashed their hellish and horror inspired sophomore album "Time of Terror" TODAY March 02, 2015 throughFERRRUM RECORDS 

The sound on Apostate's "Time Of Terror" is massive. Great walls of dark, opaque guitars crashing down, chugging along at a tempo that conveys an urgency and brooding sense of menace. There's something almost regal about Apostate; their sound maintains that sedate, classy Continental vibe but holds onto a tension and aggression, even in the slowest songs. Fans of Anathema, Hooded Menace and Eye of Solitude will be salivating at the prospect of this unholy feast of doomed death metal fury! An epic statement and a watershed in doom metal, location be damned. Order your copy here:

Time Of Terror Tracklisting:
1. Solar Misconception
2. Pale Reflection
3. Pain Served Slow
4. Memory Eclipse
5. World Undying


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