Saturday, March 21, 2015

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Le Havre rockers Akasava are proud to unveil their freshly-recorded single ‘The Deep’, taken from upcoming début EP Strange Aeons. Packing the heavy punch of their forefathers, the track represents a band firing on all cylinders, and channeling their heroes into a precise burst. It's now streaming over on Doomed & Stoned.

Doomed & Stoned describe the band as “Deliver[ing] a fuzzy, full-bodied psychedelic vibe, inspired by the darker side of the 60s and 70s”. The blend of 13th Floor Elevators and Coven with Sabbathian riffs is sure to delight enthusiasts of occult rock.

Stream the song on Doomed & Stoned here:

Strange Aeons is due for a late Spring 2015 release.

Akasava are:
Louis Hauguel: Vocals, Lyrics
Arnold Lucas: Guitars, Organ
Amélie Gavalda: Bass Guitar
David Touroul: Drums

Akasava online

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Icelandic/Norwegian Black Metallers and Schwarzdorn Production signees FORTID, will be releasing their long awaited new full length album entitled "9" on March 27th via Schwarzdorn Production. The wait was a long one for FORTID fans, but the final product proves the band has not lost a step, and has further refined its splendid mix of roots-based Icelandic/Norwegian Black Metal and Pagan flourishes. Though the song writing is full of depth and tunefulness, on "9" the creation of mood and atmosphere is paramount.

9 Tracklisting:
1. Hrafnar 
2. Hugur
3. Nornir 
4. Viska 
5. Leit  
6. 9 
7. Galdur 
8. Rúnir 
9. Hof 

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Paradise Lost have revealed the cover artwork to their opus number fourteen "The Plague Within", which comes out June 1st in Europe and June 2nd in North America.

The cover artwork was created by the polish artist, illustrator and architect Zbigniew M. Bielak. Do also

Monday, March 9, 2015

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Travel back in time to the subbasement of hell, down to the very depths festering in the shadows and your close to the domain where this band dwell. Think of Hellhammer and those early demonic doom riffs which eventually mutated into Celtic Frost and then add the most filthiest Swedish death metal guitar tone you can imagine and you would be close to the sound of this band. It's no surprise at all when they close this ep with a classic Autopsy cover. It does make a life long Metalhead pleased to know there are still new bands like Triumvir Foul waving the flag for all that is old-school and underground about metal from the early tape trading days of yore. This is an ep you should all check out and give a spin.

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Hailing from the frozen plains of Bismark, North Dakota, thrashened black metal unit Frosthelm formed in 2009. With a critically acclaimed self-released demo and EP The Northwinds Rend already under their belt, the band recently joined forces with metal producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Skeletonwitch, Kreator) and Californian record label Alkemy Brothers to see the creation and release of their darkest material to date, The Endless Winter.

The Endless Winter is a vile brew of thrashened black metal, abundant with punishingly memorable riffs, and melodic frostbitten savagery. When asked about the new album, main songwriter, and guitarist Dakota Irwin describes the album as bitter, dark, angry, and disgusting.

The album was recorded at Clear Lake Audio in Los Angeles in the final week of August 2014 and produced and engineered by Eric Milos and Alec Schneider with mixing and mastering duties handled by Matt Hyde. The Endless Winter will see a release 22nd March 2015.

Friday, March 6, 2015

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Tony Iommi supporters are to release a CD complation tribute in honour of Black Sabbath's true heart and soul, legendary Riffmaster Iommi. 
When Tony Iommi was diagnozed with Lymphoma cancer in 2011, followed by extensive chemo and radiotherapy, it was a hard shock for his die hards. Millions of fans world wide took to social networking pages to express both dismay and support for him.  The horrible illness wasn't able to stop him working on a new album. And still undergoing therapy, Tony managed to play over 84 concerts all around the world with Black Sabbath. At the moment his prognosis is believed to be good. 
The first ever tribute to Iommi entitles "GREAT LEFTY: LIVE FOREVER. TRIBUTE TO TONY IOMMI GODFATHER OF METAL”. The compilation is an act of solidarity towards Tony from friends and fans. The Pals & Fans' tribute includes participations of well known artists, best Black Sabbath tribute bands from all around the world, and the bands and solo artists "children of Iommi" as having Iommi's music as their major influence. All the songs are kindly donated for the great cause. The profits from compilation sales will be destinied to Lymphoma research charity of Tony's choice. 
Some of the artists participating are: Dario Mollo (Tony Martin, Glenn Hughes) featuring Mark Boals (Savoy Brown, Malmsteen, Dio Disciples, Dokken), Mario Parga (Graham Bonnett, Tony Martin, Cozy Powell), Giuntini featuring Tony Martin, and a young talented artist Kyle Cousins, singer and songwriter, huge Iommi Fan, who also happens to have autism. He began his journey with autism at two years old by losing all his language. Through years of intensive interventions he has made continual progress; so much so that now he loves nothing better than to express himself onstage through his music. Cousins champions the autism awareness movement, being a source of hope and inspiration for the autism community. Kyle Cousins expresses his love and admiration to Black Sabbath's guitar legend, performing a song with Vinnie Appice (former Sabbath and Heaven and Hell drummer), Barry Goudreau (guitarist for Boston), Hugh McDonald (David Bromberg, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Lita Ford).


01 Dario Mollo feat. Mark Boals - Never Say Die
02 Maniac Rise - Time Is Mine 
03 Kyle Cousins - Heaven And Hell
04 Mario Parga - Scarlet Pimpernel
05 Children Of The Gravy - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
06 Ironlung feat. Wizard Of Ozz - Electric Funeral
07 Tanzan Music Academy - Neon Knights
08 Nick Didkovsky - Orchid
09 Darking - Law Maker
10 Into The Void - Loner
01 Rekuiem - Paranoid
02 Place Of Skulls feat. Victor Griffin - You Won’t Change Me
03 Black Sabbath Dio Tribute Cz - I
04 Phil Jakes - Behind The Wall Of Sleep
05 Giuntini feat. Tony Martin - Anno Mundi
06 Tony Reed - Live Forever
07 Kill Van Kull - No Stranger To Love
08 Aplanadora feat. Santiago Cabakian - Hole In The Sky
09 Blood Sabbath - Snowblind
10 Phenomena - The Wizard

Producer: Mike Exeter
Executive producer: David Rosalsky, Ben Fahl
Mastered by Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Studio
Cover image: kind donation Scott Legato, courtesy Behind The Barricade LLC
Artwork: Tanzan Music Graphic Design
Operating Team: Dave Davis, Lorraine Parker, Johnny Patterson II, Chris Scrivo, Rosie Iommifan Piergiorgi

The profits from the sales of this compilation are destinied to Macmillan Cancer Support UK

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Deep in the woodlands of Hertfordshire, one band looks to the north-east for inspiration. Drawing from the same wells as Finland's incredible melodic death metal bands, Countless Skies pay fair tribute to such class acts as Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, Ghost Brigade and Dark Tranquillity. Their début self-titled EP was well-received both near and far, from Worship Metal commenting “Countless Skies resist the urge to hammer the listener with relentlessly technical showboating, and instead the songs ebb and flow, winding their way through carefully constructed paths of brutality and beauty,” to Dead Rhetoric saying it's “full of beautiful and sorrow-filled melodies and atmospheric keyboards, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.” The band are currently working on a full-length album, which is tentatively announced for the end of 2015/early 2016.

Initially starting as Hatespire in 2009, the band came to be in the summer of 2009 in a small flat in England. Long-time friends Ross King and James Pratt worked together to create a three-track demo, which blended progressive and intensely dark music influenced by their Scandinavian heroes. While complications caused the band to temporarily lose their momentum, they returned stronger after a four year slumber under the new guise of Countless Skies. Taking their previous sound and blending it with new influences whilst keeping the same dark twist, their first EP is a bold step in the right direction, reclaiming England's stake in the melodic death metal field.
Countless Skies EP is available on Bandcamp, Google Play and iTunes. Bandcamp link is here:
Countless Skies are also due to hit the road several times in the next couple of months:
March 28th – The Castle Tavern, Luton w/ Laterala, Satellites, Tacitus
April 2nd – Level 2 Esquires, Bedford w/ Aghast!, Perdisian, Basilisk
April 19th – South Sea, Sheffield w/ The Infernal Sea, Fireblade, Ulfaar, Myth of a Life
May 16th – The Old Angel, Nottingham w/ Sephirothic
May 30th – The Boathouse, Cambridge w/ Shrapnel, Black Polaris, Ten Ton Tabby, ScarCity
June 12th – The Portland Arms, Cambridge w/ Abhorrent Decimation, King Leviathan, Dismanibus
Countless Skies is:
Ross King – Vocals and Guitars
James Pratt – Guitars
Phil Romeo – Vocals and Bass
Nathan Robshaw – Drums

Countless Skies online:

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London’s Symphonic Death/Doom outfit Spectral Darkwave have announced the release of their debut album Last First Contact due out on 30th March 2015. And what can fans expect? Well, ‘a hi-def tour of human horror in sonic Technicolor’ is what.

The band comments: “Last First Contact will unleash a journey into the many hells of mankind, with each song forming an exhibit in the grotesque gallery of human endeavour. The album weaves a tapestry of horror wrought on the cries of bereft mothers, nuclear strikes and epic orchestral flourishes.”

Formed as a trans-continental pact by twin brothers Dan and Steve Kennedy in 2012 to fuse the limitless possibilities outlined in early computer music, European and doom metal, the band’s grinding rhythms and twisted melodies deliver a crushing reminder of the depravities carried out in the name of human progress. With the departure of long-term collaborator and bassist Ben Bueno, Jon Stokes took up the mantle and Spectral Darkwave was complete.

Last First Contact was recorded over the course of two years using the best home equipment the band could get, and vocals were recorded in La La Land Studio in London under the watchful eye of engineer Fred Lagergren.

Dark Adventure Awaits…

Thursday, March 5, 2015

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With the release of their debut album, Catacombs later this month, Dubai based prog death metallers Voice of the Soul have unleashed yet another taste of what's to come, a full album teaser and a comment on each song from guitarist Monish and frontman/guitarist Kareem of the band.

Check out the full album teaser here!

The band also recently posted a lyric video for the albums penultimate track 'Defiled' which you can see here...

Catacombs is set for release on 27th March 2015 distributed via UK label Hell’s Hammer & India’s Transcending Obscurity.

Pre-Order the album here:

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Ukraine's oldest protagonists of old school doom APOSTATE have unleashed their hellish and horror inspired sophomore album "Time of Terror" TODAY March 02, 2015 throughFERRRUM RECORDS 

The sound on Apostate's "Time Of Terror" is massive. Great walls of dark, opaque guitars crashing down, chugging along at a tempo that conveys an urgency and brooding sense of menace. There's something almost regal about Apostate; their sound maintains that sedate, classy Continental vibe but holds onto a tension and aggression, even in the slowest songs. Fans of Anathema, Hooded Menace and Eye of Solitude will be salivating at the prospect of this unholy feast of doomed death metal fury! An epic statement and a watershed in doom metal, location be damned. Order your copy here:

Time Of Terror Tracklisting:
1. Solar Misconception
2. Pale Reflection
3. Pain Served Slow
4. Memory Eclipse
5. World Undying