Friday, February 6, 2015

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What can be said about venom which hasn't already been said a million times over by countless metalheads the world over. Their undeniable impact on metal can be heard in every metal band which has come since they first unleashed their ungodly racket to the world, whether the influence is direct or inadvertent the fact remains Venom helped to shape metal as we know it. From pioneers in their early day's to metal gods by the time the released "At War with Satan" their legacy and influence on metal can't be denied.So here we are in 2015 a long way from Venom's debut album "Welcome to Hell" which for it's time was one of the most hellish and extreme albums ever released to this their latest assault on the ears "From the very Depths". No more can the band be considered ground breaking or to be pushing the sonic boundaries of the extreme but what you get is a band stubbornly sticking to their guns and doing what they have always done and that is to be Vemon as no other band could be. The sound of the album is exactly what you expect organic and natural sounding without being over-produced and coming across all digital sounding like so much of the shit nowadays that gets passed of as metal. This is metal filth and all. The centre piece of this album for me has to be "Evil Law" which has some insanely sick and classic Hanneman riffage going on which would make the late guitarist himself look up from hell and smile. Without going into further detail if you like Venom and metal for that matter then look no further Of course their will always be those who want a "Black Metal" part two who will be sadly disappointed as this is the same old Venom but it is no longer the 80's and this album won't have the same impact as it would've had if it was released back in the day.


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