Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Opener "Thrash and Burn" bursts the door down as the declaration of thrashing intent is made. The song does exactly what it says on the tin. "8%" starts off with the sound of the bass guitar as the guitar picks some gentle notes and then were off again at breakneck speed, The vocals are more harsher than the average thrash band, think of Norther or Ensiferum or if you really want to hit the nail on the head then the vocals are a dead ringer for Jeff from Carcass. They've got that same sarcastic snarl and bite that while harsh is yet strangely melodic all at once.The songs present many changes in pace and groove and offer more than just thrash. Personal favourite "Incinerator" brings some nwobhm style riffage to the table while "Direwolf"has some crazy over the top classic metal vocals to boot think of Messiah of Candlemass fame on thrash steroids and your close and then to top things off they bring some old school death metal vocals for the mid-section..
An all to short but sweet metal debut.


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