Friday, February 6, 2015

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Napalm Death as an entity have been around for over 30 years now and they show no signs of age or slowing down. As brutal and honest as they have ever been defiantly sticking a middle finger to the system and venomously promoting the truth in the face of a world filled with greed and the never ending rat race
 in the name of the God of Money. Their is an honesty and working class ethic that I've always loved about Napalm Death that they have never lost. As sincere as the day when I first heard their debut "Scum". Not much has changed since then only the band have become better musicians and songwriters which show in the construction of the album and diversity given the constraints of extreme metal and grind. The title track intro is somewhat of an industrial tinged curve ball which sets the mood of some fascist military take over and really is the best intro to a Napalm Death album ever. After the grinding and crushing militaristic intro with Barneys menacing and malicious vocal performance things kick of in true Napalm fashion with the first single and video to be lifted off of the album "Smash a Single Digit" and we have the first of many assaults on the senses as the band viciously play off riff after riff while Barneys rapid vocal delivery drives the message home with great intent. The production is as exceptional as ever with each instrument clearly heard in the mix with plenty of space to breathe. The album is a testament to an institution which has stood the test of time and shows that metal can be a driving force in the struggle for political and social change. It seems Napalm have done it again.


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