Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Hybrid Nightmares are releasing their new 4 CD project titled 'The Ages' over the course of 2015. The release will consist of over 100 minutes of music with 'The First Age' (CD 1) being released on the 17th of February.

The First Age Track listing:
3.Black Heart     
4.Dead Star Goddess

Hybrid Nightmares are:
Loki (Vocals)
Ben (Guitars)
Gummers (Guitars)
Jonny (Bass)
Batman (Drums)

A little about Hybrid Nightmares:
Formed in 2008 this quintet has earned a reputation as one of Melbourne's best live acts through a chaotic, relentless and above all, entertaining live show. Taking influence from black, death, groove, folk and classic heavy metal, the 'Nightmare' sound is a sonic maelstrom that defies any categorization other than 'extreme'. Not content with simply playing to an Australian audience, Hybrid Nightmares are looking to the global metal scene and will bring their worship of the Cult of The Obelisk worldwide.

'The Ages' is a 4 CD collection that explores the rise and fall, evolution and extinction of mankind across four eras of existence.

“After creation, we have an era of peace. Death and disease are unknown – all that exists is perfect order and harmony across the cosmos. All things must end, however, and as the first man dies, the first vestiges of chaos herald a new age. As man becomes more and more frightened of losing what he has, war and conflict break out, bringing in an age where order and chaos are just barely balanced. When this balance breaks, chaos reigns supreme, with death and destruction as the only rulers of the stars. At the end of this age, we see a rapid decay….and a rebirth. The cycle repeats. And repeats again. But every age has its story, and every story has its teller.
Soon, these stories will be told.” says the band.

Twitter: @HNMetal


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