Monday, February 9, 2015

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Debut album from the epic doom / traditional metal band Cromlech hailing from Canada offers up one epic doom ride. The album opens with an intro signaling the lengthy march into battle long before the carnage begins and so the albums begins the tales of battle fought and hero's lost. The band recount their hymns with lengthy drawn out songs, epic in their scope. Those looking for rapid fire thrash riffs or devastatingly crushing death metal or even atmospheric black metal will find nothing here to latch onto but old school trad metal heads with a spot in their collective hearts for old metal and doom will find a great debut offering which will satisfy their metallic needs. That's not to say the pace doesn't pick up because it does many times but it's more an old school gallop rather than razor thrash. When I first heard the album it took some time to grow on me due to the length of the tracks but now that's it's charm for me. It's metal for the patient those who are in it for the long haul. The album really is one of the best debut albums from an epic doom band that I've heard in some time.


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