Thursday, February 26, 2015

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Their is a fine tradition of doom bands which can be traced back to Sabbath's early and highly influential albums. Albums which inspired a whole host of metal bands from Saint Vitus to Trouble to slow things down to a sometimes primordial crawl while the the rest of the metal world were trying to break the speed barrier and take things to new extremes. Metal needed bands who carried on the original template and kept the fires of the foundation burning so with each new extreme in metal there has always been  a doom band amongst them like Pagan Altar and their like emerging at the height of the nwobhm movement or Dream Death in the thrash movement incorporating the Sabbath doom. Of course not to forget to mention Pentagram but for me they belong to the first wave of doom along with Sabbath. Conviction follow the path taken by Saint Vitus and play a very doomy and extremely slow paced hellish and tormented style of metal. The album is close to the reunion Vitus album with Wino in feeling and style. The music will not impress the average metalhead but with those who have a knowledge of the underground and the origins of the genre, this is where Conviction will find their home. For the true doom heads out there.


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