Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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Legendary Swedish Extreme metal band Mefisto have just announced there long awaited reunion. Underground metal fans will be aware of their two demos "Meglomania" 1986 and "The Puzzle" 1986 both demos which displayed metal taken to it's extreme and pushed the boundaries of what could be achieved within extreme metal. Disbanding after releasing two ground-breaking demos it seemed that was all we would hear from these the band but now after 30 years their silence has been broken.
This metalhead for one can not wait to hear what is to come!

Bio: In their own words!

Mefisto started back in 1984 under the name Torment. Along with Obscurity (as well as Merciless shortly after) the 2 were the first Swedish extreme bands to follow Bathory. Both bands were of superior quality, however after just 2 demos both folded as they were simply too early with their extreme music at the time, getting virtually no support.
Mefisto since gained a cult status, heavily influencing the upcoming extreme music underground, especially the local Stockholm Death Metal scene. Featuring megatalnted guitarist Omar Ahmed, who delivered tight riffs and great solos, played out in a classic yet extreme manner, that to this day sounds fresh and relevant. Roberto Granath delivered violent drumming like few have before, and the singer Sandro Cajander did much deeper and harsher vocals than Bathory or Venom. This deep/harsh style was later further developed by LG Petrov of Nihilist, when the group finally delivered Sweden's first 100% Death Metal effort.



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