Thursday, July 24, 2014

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The wonderful folks over at Tony Iommi Fan-tastic are putting together a compilation of covers of Tony and Sabbath's music so any bands interested contact them and help out a good cause.

Press release:
We apply to all Black Sabbath tribute bands! 
Dear mates, our idea is to release a compilation of Sabbath songs (all eras Sabbath and also Tony Iommi solo work, if possible) in honour of Tony for cancer charity. 
We ask you please, if you are interested in this idea, and if you have professionally recorded studio tracks, or a possibility to record, please contact this page. 
Please send us some links with your music, youtube videos or other sources.
Thank you very much! 
Ben and Rosie.

About the page in their own words.

This space is the unofficial fansite dedicated to the brilliant career of one of world’s greatest Masters of six strings, inventor of Heavy Metal genre, charismatic leader of the legendary band Black Sabbath, and the best Guitar Hero on earth - Tony Iommi; and to his Army of fans campaigning for recognition of his brilliant 45 years of dedication and service to music.
Visit our fansite

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  1. it's a great idea to put together all bands who have played and recorded any Sabbath cover on this International Compilation; in my country Venezuela there's a very good band that has played Sabbath songs. A friend of mine who is an extraordinary singer called Joad Manuel Jiménez is in it, the Tribute band called Warpigs.This is the link of their “Sweet Leaf” cover. I talked to him about this wonderful charity cause!