Friday, July 25, 2014

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I always said that when a thrash album starts off with an acoustic instrumental then it bodes well for the onslaught to come and sure enough soon after the last gentle note is played with great effect the thrashing commences. Think of it as the calm before the storm the deceiving smile on the face before the kill. Hailing from Australia and following on from the fallout created by two previous  Eps  comes their first full length assault. I don't know what they put in the water down under but the vocals come in like a rabid animal and the sound of a man mentally possessed by some demon starts to come from your speakers giving the faint of heart the shits. Far from the sheen and shine of the Bay Area and more akin to the European thrash bands of the eighties who always had a bit more bite than their American counterparts if perhaps at the sacrifice of song writing but not here, you get all the violence and vicious bite with quality songs to boot. The album is quite unlike a lot of modern thrash releases which are produced to perfection and sometimes in doing so squeeze the beauty and power of thrash out of the music for the pure joy of thrash is in that energetic burst of power, passion and aggression which gets your blood pumping and Malakyte offer us in spades. The album works best when divided into two sides the same way the old albums were with a Side A and Side B. The band almost knowingly divide the album into two by having another short instrumental in the form of "Skeksis" to introduce us to side two of the album and the effect of this only heightens the impact of the final songs which seem to improve as the album goes on. This is an album for thrash lifers who never get tired of that feeling when a good thrash metal album comes blasting from your speakers and makes you want to lose all control.


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