Monday, July 14, 2014

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Filthy murky and heavy as heavy can be loosely played technical riffs which vibrate through skulls and puncture lungs. The guitar tone is killer with bottom end used to great affect reminding me of a modern day Scott Burns production if he produced Cannibals Corpse's the bleeding under the influence of some heavy duty mind altering space weed. The music feels as if the speakers will collapse under the strain at any moment but yet somehow everything holds together. The artwork adds a nice touch which sadly is sometimes lacking in metal albums these days with bands paying little or no attention to the overall package and ties in nice with the concept from what I can garner of an alien invasion silently taking over the earth and slowly creating a slave state or are the aliens really our own world leaders? either way conspiracy and paranoia reign supreme in this Orwellian nightmare . An album for those who love death metal for all the brutallity warts and all carnage that follows each classic death metal album in it's wake. I have no doubt that those with a passing interest in death metal will probably not think much of this album but for the seasoned connoisseur it will be a welcome album to add to your collection. An album of longevity sure to warrant spin after spin.


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