Monday, July 14, 2014

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Dismemberment are yet another fine example of the wealth of quality underground metal bands out there plowing away at their craft regardless of trends with relentless dedication. Embrace the dark is further proof that the metal underground is as strong now as it has ever been. An energetic riff ride which could be extreme metal's answer to a classic album packed full of potential hit singles. Not that the album is poppy or catchy by any stretch of the imagination but the album does deliver quality stand alone songs which will get any self respecting metal fan on his feet while headbanging to the glory of the riff fest which his ears behold. From breakneck thrash to brutal death and black overtones it runs the gauntlet of the extreme, think of the modern day Carcass and your close in sound to Dismemberment. They certainly don't reinvent the wheel but what they do is keep the momentum of the metal going at a megatonic rate.  It would be a shame to metal as a whole if this album passed unknown into the annals of metal obscurity but one things for sure it will no doubt gain a cult following of dedicated metalheads who will speak in tones and spread the word to the true of heart.


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