Thursday, January 30, 2014

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An old school epic death metal attack from frostbitten lands, this is the birth of Thunderwar in all their glory. Think of classic unleashed and modern day Amon Amarth and you are close to the sound of Thunderwar. Quality songwriting seems to be the main focus of the band. Not a note or beat is wasted as the they take you through the eternal battlefields. A downright brutal and convincing death metal vocal delivery leads the charge into battle. If I have any complaint here it's that I know they are capable of so much more and are on the verge of releasing a classic debut which will crush this ep into pure dust and it will become but a stepping stone to metal glory. I get the feeling the debut will bludgeon us into submission with it's unrelenting attack. Let the battle begin, in the name of thunder and metal we fight. There are a few moments of thrashing brilliance amongst all the death metal, take for example the track "Shadows of Lindisfarne" which hits like a bullet as the snare drum comes crashing down just like Thor's mighty hammer and the symbols crash like the thunder god himself all this while the guitars go straight for the throat leaving no mercy. The acoustic instrumental " The birth of thunder" serves it's purpose as a short reprise amongst the chaos of war. If only to short it does show the bands versatility as musicians and adds some contrast to proceedings and with the almost chanted vocals bringing to mind Bathory and Quorthon's more epic viking metal side.  All in all a short but sweet ep leaving me craving more. "Eagle of Glory" the final battle wins the war and is a very melodic song with great lead work. A great taster of things to come.


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