Saturday, October 26, 2013

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As the bell chimes and the piercing lead guitar sounds so it begins with the blunt force of a hammer and the first sludge drenched riff drags it's body from the darkest most forgotten corner of your mind and sets about spreading the filth. The music surprisingly enough has got some groove to it like old Entombed death 'n' roll.  The music as a whole is slow and hypnotic in it's delivery and you can hear a definite Neurosis influence. In such deceptively  simplistic music I can hear so many influences in the music and am also reminded of Cathedral's very first demo which can't be a bad thing. Even at three songs in length this is a punishing demo but for those who are looking for some sludge/death metal that you can rock out to then this demo is worth checking out.


  1. Hi, this is Chris from Tides Of Sulfur. Don't know how you got hold of this but many thanks for the review! We'll be recording a full length this year so I'll be sure to send it your way once it is complete

  2. I just came across you on the web and I look forward to hearing the debut.