Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Let's start with the album artwork itself which does a great job making the metalhead in you want to grab this album and scream at the top of your lungs metal. The artwork which has just caused a blood clot to your brain due to the excessive shouting and throwing of the horns was done by none other than Andrei Bouzikov who has also done artwork for Toxic Holocaust, Violator and Skeletonwitch to name a few. The music contained within  does not disappoint and really delivers one of hell of an energetic riff filled ride from beginning to end the riff-fest never lets up. I was expecting another run of the mill nwotm band but Gorefiled are all that and then some. The music reminds me of all the classic proto-thrash bands who emerged at the height of the nwobhm with classic albums  like Jaguar's "Power Games" and Savage's "loose 'n' lethal". The whole album is like a modern take on all the classic metal produced in the 80's. The vocals are great and are not your typical thrash vocals but fit more comfortably in the nwobhm school of vocalists which adds so much to the album and songs. Take for example "Love thy enemy" which has such a classic feel and chorus that it feels like this song has already been the anthem to your life for the past 20 years. The album is a breath of fresh air with every riff packed full of youthful energy and enthusiasm. "As Dawn Bleeds the Sky" could of been released at the height of the nwobhm and brings to mind Maiden's albums with D'ianno. It's interesting to note all of this comes form a three piece and credit to the bassist who bass lines really fill out the songs and bring a great sense of dynamics to the table. This album is a must hear vital and essential album for any self respecting metal head. It's not very often I come across a new band who really get my blood pumping and Gorfield really do it. The riffs such incredible riffs.


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