Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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When thrash is done right it's the epitome of metal. razor sharp evil and menacing riffs, dynamic and full of thrashing energy that when it flows through your veins you can do very little to prevent yourself from moshing and this album is sure to cause widespread and uncontrollable moshing among metalheads. Each riff develops around a crunchy groove which are incredibly headbangable and memorable. The bass lines are incredible and audible which is one of the many strenghts of the album. Their is nothing worse than when a  metal band neglects the bass. Did they never hear Geezer Butler or the mighty Steve Harris in their prime to know that metal needs the bass at it's foundations but fear not because Eternal Judgement have and not only that all of the instruments play together for the songs rather than against each other. The amply titled "Powerdrive" is an instant classic with it's crushing intro and pounding bass pulsating drums and thrashing groove. As well as the furious frenzy the songs also incorporate many slower crushing passages which are jaw dropping in their heaviness. The band are almost like if Pantera were a true thrash band who only dabbled in groove. I am reminded of Megadeath's "Rust in Peace" and Pantera's "A Vulgar Display of Power" in the guitar playing and the guitar player really can play which is evident in the solos but also he knocks out riff after riff that would make Tony Iommi himself nod and smile in approval. The artwork is also a great piece of album artwork which brings to mind all the classic metal album sleeves that have come before. This was always one of the reasons I was drawn to metal in the first place, standing in a record store and holding some cover in my hands and thinking it was the coolest thing I ever saw and it's great that in this day and age of mp3's that bands still put the effort  into their packaging. Dark and sinister thrash packed full of memorable riffs. Buy or die!



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