Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Since their inception in 2000 the band have been on a steady rise making waves throughout the underground and it all seems to have lead up to this monumental deathly march of 
blackened/death metal of truly grandiose epic proportions.
The album starts with the mission statement "Black Procession" which announces this albums arrival in fine extreme metal fashion with all the confidence and grandeur of a band intent on laying waste to all opposition. Brutal death metal riffs merge with cold and melodic black metal riffs all delivered with the precision of a fierce predator. The grandeur and sense of confidence is a triumph for Bliss of Flesh putting them firmly at the forefront of the blackened/ death metal genre. Each riff is perfectly complimented with very melodic and clean leads, grand crescendos which are inventive and add to that the organic production the band have achieved not falling into the trap of an over condensed production where the music is drowned and all feeling is lost. It's clear from the offset the album although sticking to a lot of the trademarks of the genre is still pushing the sonic boundaries apparent in the feeling of innovation the album projects. Some of the songs contain violin which although in the background except for "Forgotten Epitaphs' with it's intro providing a slight pause for reflection is a welcome twist in the story and it would be nice to see more of this from the band in the future as they do have an underlining sense of melancholy to their music if only a slight one.The whole album holds the air of a band on an ungodly mission with a great sense of intent and believe behind what they are doing. Some of the riffs have a great thrashing mid-crunch to them creating some great classic metal moments. They really have come up with something extra special this time around. An album that will be remembered for the time when Bliss of Flesh took command of their rightful place among the metal elite. 


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