Saturday, October 26, 2013

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As the bell chimes and the piercing lead guitar sounds so it begins with the blunt force of a hammer and the first sludge drenched riff drags it's body from the darkest most forgotten corner of your mind and sets about spreading the filth. The music surprisingly enough has got some groove to it like old Entombed death 'n' roll.  The music as a whole is slow and hypnotic in it's delivery and you can hear a definite Neurosis influence. In such deceptively  simplistic music I can hear so many influences in the music and am also reminded of Cathedral's very first demo which can't be a bad thing. Even at three songs in length this is a punishing demo but for those who are looking for some sludge/death metal that you can rock out to then this demo is worth checking out.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Since their inception in 2000 the band have been on a steady rise making waves throughout the underground and it all seems to have lead up to this monumental deathly march of 
blackened/death metal of truly grandiose epic proportions.
The album starts with the mission statement "Black Procession" which announces this albums arrival in fine extreme metal fashion with all the confidence and grandeur of a band intent on laying waste to all opposition. Brutal death metal riffs merge with cold and melodic black metal riffs all delivered with the precision of a fierce predator. The grandeur and sense of confidence is a triumph for Bliss of Flesh putting them firmly at the forefront of the blackened/ death metal genre. Each riff is perfectly complimented with very melodic and clean leads, grand crescendos which are inventive and add to that the organic production the band have achieved not falling into the trap of an over condensed production where the music is drowned and all feeling is lost. It's clear from the offset the album although sticking to a lot of the trademarks of the genre is still pushing the sonic boundaries apparent in the feeling of innovation the album projects. Some of the songs contain violin which although in the background except for "Forgotten Epitaphs' with it's intro providing a slight pause for reflection is a welcome twist in the story and it would be nice to see more of this from the band in the future as they do have an underlining sense of melancholy to their music if only a slight one.The whole album holds the air of a band on an ungodly mission with a great sense of intent and believe behind what they are doing. Some of the riffs have a great thrashing mid-crunch to them creating some great classic metal moments. They really have come up with something extra special this time around. An album that will be remembered for the time when Bliss of Flesh took command of their rightful place among the metal elite. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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When thrash is done right it's the epitome of metal. razor sharp evil and menacing riffs, dynamic and full of thrashing energy that when it flows through your veins you can do very little to prevent yourself from moshing and this album is sure to cause widespread and uncontrollable moshing among metalheads. Each riff develops around a crunchy groove which are incredibly headbangable and memorable. The bass lines are incredible and audible which is one of the many strenghts of the album. Their is nothing worse than when a  metal band neglects the bass. Did they never hear Geezer Butler or the mighty Steve Harris in their prime to know that metal needs the bass at it's foundations but fear not because Eternal Judgement have and not only that all of the instruments play together for the songs rather than against each other. The amply titled "Powerdrive" is an instant classic with it's crushing intro and pounding bass pulsating drums and thrashing groove. As well as the furious frenzy the songs also incorporate many slower crushing passages which are jaw dropping in their heaviness. The band are almost like if Pantera were a true thrash band who only dabbled in groove. I am reminded of Megadeath's "Rust in Peace" and Pantera's "A Vulgar Display of Power" in the guitar playing and the guitar player really can play which is evident in the solos but also he knocks out riff after riff that would make Tony Iommi himself nod and smile in approval. The artwork is also a great piece of album artwork which brings to mind all the classic metal album sleeves that have come before. This was always one of the reasons I was drawn to metal in the first place, standing in a record store and holding some cover in my hands and thinking it was the coolest thing I ever saw and it's great that in this day and age of mp3's that bands still put the effort  into their packaging. Dark and sinister thrash packed full of memorable riffs. Buy or die!


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Let's start with the album artwork itself which does a great job making the metalhead in you want to grab this album and scream at the top of your lungs metal. The artwork which has just caused a blood clot to your brain due to the excessive shouting and throwing of the horns was done by none other than Andrei Bouzikov who has also done artwork for Toxic Holocaust, Violator and Skeletonwitch to name a few. The music contained within  does not disappoint and really delivers one of hell of an energetic riff filled ride from beginning to end the riff-fest never lets up. I was expecting another run of the mill nwotm band but Gorefiled are all that and then some. The music reminds me of all the classic proto-thrash bands who emerged at the height of the nwobhm with classic albums  like Jaguar's "Power Games" and Savage's "loose 'n' lethal". The whole album is like a modern take on all the classic metal produced in the 80's. The vocals are great and are not your typical thrash vocals but fit more comfortably in the nwobhm school of vocalists which adds so much to the album and songs. Take for example "Love thy enemy" which has such a classic feel and chorus that it feels like this song has already been the anthem to your life for the past 20 years. The album is a breath of fresh air with every riff packed full of youthful energy and enthusiasm. "As Dawn Bleeds the Sky" could of been released at the height of the nwobhm and brings to mind Maiden's albums with D'ianno. It's interesting to note all of this comes form a three piece and credit to the bassist who bass lines really fill out the songs and bring a great sense of dynamics to the table. This album is a must hear vital and essential album for any self respecting metal head. It's not very often I come across a new band who really get my blood pumping and Gorfield really do it. The riffs such incredible riffs.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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''It was born of the sea, evolved to land and conquered the skies. Menacing and wicked. Brutal and unforgiving. A nightmare come true. Just one listen and you've become part of the breed. From pleasure to pain and back. When you've summoned the angel of death, it is then that you will come face to face with Vermithrax. A new type of judgement is here. You're just in time to enjoy the Feast.''

The band brings together former founding members of Nunslaughter, Reading Zero and Mercnary under the metallic wings of Vermithrax. Why did you all leave your previous bands? I believe Jer was in the military and left Nunslaughter then, but the other had just run their course at their time. We are still great friends with all of our past bandmates and wish them nothing but success.
How did you come together to form Vermithrax? Our drummer, Jer and I had spoken about our love for earlier thrash for the longest time and how not many bands do it like the bands that we grew up on. We had been talking for a while about putting something together, but once we found a guitarist that we knew that played similar music, we jumped at the chance. Soon after we ran ads on the Internet looking for a guitarist and bassist. The guitarist, Scott had turned out to be the guy in Jer’s last band and yet he could write in the exact style we were after. The bassist that we called had also been in that band years previous. At the time, he had just had an injury that required surgery, so he wasn’t able to commit. A year and several players later, Tom was healed up and able to play/write. We replaced the other guitar player and recently added Jon to the band. We are now a cohesive unit in constant writing mode. Let the Metal commence!
Has the experience from being in the metal scene for so long contributed to what you now do in Vermitharx and did being in bands prior teach you anything that has hepled you  in Vermithrax? Considerably. We know exactly what we want and have a good idea on how to get there without having to repeat many of the same mistakes a newer or younger band make. We know when to say no and when to leave space. That is the biggest lessons that bands need to learn.
Why the name Vermithrax, who came up with the name and the classic logo? The band name was agreed upon by everyone and comes from the movie, Dragonslayer. We knew that musically we wanted to have a basic storyline and a powerful figure would be needed to convey our music visually. I had the basic logo idea and everyone had input to our graphic artist, Joe. He brought it to life.
The debut Ep is a perfect  balance of thrashing metal fury, classic metal tendencies with a progressive edge. How did the songs for the Ep come about? Thank you! That’s a great compliment, since that is what we wanted more than anything to come from the debut to the listener. We wanted to show the different influences in the 19 minutes of the EP we put out. We also hoped that labels would see the potential of a band that doesn’t just deliver one dimensional metal. WE shall see, but many labels have put out very cookie cutter metal lately and the right ones will know when they hear us that we are a different breed. We wanted to treat the release like the old tape trading days as well, when you could find a new band for free from another friends sharing it with you. That is why we have intially released the digital download of the EP for free. We kind of thought of our giving it away as a, ‘Metal Pay Forward’ type thing, where they will hopefully feel encouraged as a fan to help us build our audience and share it with as many friends as possible.
The songs are fully realised and well put together which is unusual for a debut release, did you live with the songs for some time and constantly tweak them until they were just right? We demoed the songs before recording them and played out a few times before releasing the EP, so it gave us a little more time to find and build on their true potential. We do that with most of our songs and we wrote quite a few others during that same time that will appear on the full length that are working on in our studios now.
How has the response to the songs from fans been so far? Both live and on the studio recordings we have had an amazing response. It’s now in the hands of our friends and fans to help it reach the masses.
How about labels has anyone shown any interest in signing the band? We haven’t gone after labels as of yet, but we hope the right one has it’s eyes and ears on the scene and sees the potential that Vemrithrax can bring to the table. We have the means to do our studio recordings to major label standards, as well as worldwide distribution, but the right label can bring it’s marketing expertise and physical distribution to the fold and this beast could really grow.
Do you  ever think about taking the independant route and using something like bandcamp to sell your music directly to the fans? That will certainly be an option to explore. We do enjoy having 100% of our artistic control. We may try crowdsourcing to get the money to put out a proper release.
How does it differ playing the songs to an audienece, do the songs come to life in the live setting?
Most people tell us that we are even better live. I remember always feeling that way about bands like Iron Maiden, Testament, Flotsam, Dio and Slayer, so we love that compliment and therefore have a very high standard for how we play live.

Do you prefer to play live or are you more of a studio band? I think overall most of the band would choose live, but both have their magic and their challanges. We look forward to taking our music to other countries, so once that happens, we might lean even more towards live.
Have you toured much in support of the Ep so far?  A good amount of dates, but we are more focused right now on getting the full length out there.
Any plans to take the show over to Europe? That would be the plan. It takes the help of people like you and our fans to help create the demand for festivals to seek us out.   
How strong is the metal scene in your country? The US will always have a very loyal metal scene, but it is spread out across a massive country, so it doesn’t always translate to audience attendence depending on where you play.
How do you think it differs from over here in Europe? Europe seems to appreciate diversity and bands that contain classic metal as well as the progressive edge that pushes the envelope a bit more. It doesn’t seem as segregated.
Who are the bands primary influences? The Bay Area Thrash Scene was a huge part of our influences, as well as classic metal like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, Sabbath, Ozzy and next generation like Fates Warning, Crimson Glory, etc.
What does metal mean to you? Metal is the flag for which many of us stand for, regardless of where we are located, age or race. To us, it’s a true family. When you have been abandoned by all others, metal will always be there.
If you could only bring five metals albums to a desert island with you what would they be? Slayer: Reign In Blood,  Black Sabbath: Live Evil,  Iron Maiden: Live After Death,  Metallica: Master Of Puppets,  Fates Warning: Awaken The Guardian
Finally anything you would like to say to the fans and our readers? We appeciate the amazing support we’ve been given, hope that they help us reach even more people, so that we may grow and stay metal!  Please visit our pages and show your support! &