Monday, September 23, 2013

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Into the kingdom of graves is the sound of endless war such is it's relentlessly brutal and savage attack on the senses. It is the auditory equivalent of being caught in the crossfire of Armageddon itself. The whole album is punishing in it's unmerciful attack. There are moments when the music lets up as midway through "Disowned and Defiled" where the band slow it down to an almost death doom vibe of bands like Incantation or Autopsy but not before long the bass guitar signals the return of the oncoming onslaught. The bass on this album really does crush and adds a lot of dynamics to the music and playing not to mention the simply incredible and jaw dropping drum performance. The album goes by in such a furious blur the first few times you listen to it but perseverance reveals a much greater thought out beast than it may first appear to be."Destroyer" is one of the highlights showcasing everything which the band stands for and shows a great sense of dynamics and song writing skills balancing chaos and making sense of the storm and that lead which comes from out of nowhere are the small touches which really make this album as good as it is. "Drowning in the ocean of fire" is a great death metal track put through a furious black metal blender. "Within outer scares" offers a moment of clarity within it's short acoustics and melodic harmonies before the final battle commences with the remaining two songs I can not stress enough how great this album is for those willing enough to give it the time it deserves to sink in. You won't get this with a casual listen you need to put some time in. The album artwork really is awe inspiring and one of the most organic pieces of album artwork I have seen in some time.


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