Friday, September 27, 2013

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Germany's consistently dependable power metal troopers Thunder and Lightning are back with their fourth consecutive balls out traditional heavy metal sounding album and they are screaming for vengeance on this one. Taking all their previous albums and turning everything up a notch. Proceedings begin with "Booster Shot" bursting down the gates with an adrenaline infused thrash riff before delivering the first of many epic choruses to come. Right from the offset the band goes about laying down a flawless metallic performance from beginning to end you get highlight after highlight. There is really no faulting this album it really is that good if classic metal bands like Maiden and Priest are your thing along with great power metal bands like Helloween and Hammerfall mixed up with a healthy dose of thrash to get the blood pumping then this your dream come true. The title track itself in five minutes of laying waste to your speakers showcases all that is great about this band from the high energy performances, skilled musicianship and those great harmonic leads and melodic choruses. The ballad ''Two suns in the sky'' is convincing in it's conviction and sombre tone showcasing the versatility of the band. ''The last right'' starts of slow but quickly develops into a hell of a thrasher with a great solo and yet another amazing chorus. "Shadow light" closes proceedings in epic form with guest female vocals from Berlin based singer Cora Lee. It's not often an album comes along that can epitamise all that is good about heavy metal and pull it off with all killer and no filler but yet Thunder and Lightning bring it.


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