Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Out from the ashes of the much loved Usurper who are still greatly missed among metalheads who have a taste for classic metal, the kind that was being played by bands from all corners of the globe back in the golden 80's. A time when albums were bought on vinyl and denim jackets emblazoned with our sacred metal bands were worn with pride, when leather and bullet belts were our coats of armour comes the mighty metal beast Scythe who are fronted by the one and only Rick Scythe, the legendary frontman of the aforementioned Usurper.
Picking up more or less where Usurper left off and following on from the bands already classic debut album "Beware the Scythe" which only came out last year comes the bands sophomore release "Subterranean Steel" which ups the power and riffs that were on display on the debut showcasing a band who have found their feet and now are even more pounding and relentless than before.
Blackened dirty thrash with razor sharp riffs and a thick crunching guitar sound is what you get from the offset with the band going straight for the throat and delivering a wall of metal which invokes mass horn raising and the obligatory head-banging from the onslaught of the first bloody riff right to until the last note unleashes you from it's grip without mercy.
The album is greatly influenced by early Celtic Frost and the riffs are simplistic but effective and to point delivering passionate metal without over complicating things. Everything about the 80's metal underground brought back to life even the stench of a pit of thrashing metal maniacs fills my room as I listen. An album for long time fans of metal and newcomers  who are looking for the heart and soul of the genre. This is it pure and simple in all it's metallic glory.


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