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Putrefy the Living who are set to feature on the riffs upcoming Halloween Ep are proof yet again of the word-class metal to be found in Australia  which is a shame because the metal scene often over looks our brothers and sisters down below. It only goes to show if you dig a little in the underground it will not be long before you come across some sickly insane and brutal metal. Here's what they had to say.

TPOTR - Let’s start with the beginnings of the band. Am I right in saying that the band started as a one man project?

Layne - Well, to begin with, Putrefy the Living wasn't even intended to become a band. It all started when I wrote the four demo tracks. A few months later I started to really get into the extreme styles of Metal, which I then showed the tracks to Riley, the vocalist. He liked the songs and thought that something could come out of them. He then wrote lyrics for those four songs which then went on to become our 2012 demo.

TPOTR - What was the initial intention of the band, was it ever meant to become a fully realised project?

Layne - We just wanted to make music that was brutal, pure and simple. It wasn't intended to go anywhere; we just made the music for ourselves really.

Riley – As Layne said, the intentions were always simply us just playing the brutality game. We wanted to make shit that makes your adrenaline flow, shit that just makes you want to head bang and mosh.

TPOTR - How did the rest of you get together, did you know each other from different bands?

Layne - Well, we all know each other from school. For the first year it was just Riley and I doing a few shows here and there and recording the occasional demo. A few months ago we decided that we needed a bassist; it was a really long time until we found the man for the job, Tristan. We're really happy with the decision and we are looking forward to what is installed for the band.
Tristan- Yeah it was a few months ago they said hey how would you like a part in Putrefy the Living, I had seen them a few times and had the EP, I loved watching them play and I knew that joining them would be a great experience.

TPOTR - The debut ep is a fine slab of sick hellish death which spews forth metallic grinding fury. How did the music come about?

Layne - Most of the time the music is brought about by me sitting around on guitar or bass and writing some riffs. I then put it all into Guitar Pro, add some drums and then send it to Riley. He then listens to the song and if he likes it, he'll start to write some lyrics. We then jam the songs until we can get it tight enough to record or play live. The EP was pretty much just an on the spot thing, we wrote the songs, jammed them and then recorded them.

Riley – Personally? Just simple, biased hatred.

TPOTR -  What is the story behind Mozzimoto the Mosquito King?

Layne - The whole concept for Mozzimoto stared three years ago, it was pretty much just something for fun, and it doesn't really have a serious message. It's just about a gigantic swarm of mosquitoes taking over the Earth who are lead by their king, Mozzimoto. Think of it as the zombie apocalypse, but with mosquitoes

Riley – The song lyrically is based off of a fictional diary from the man who was hunted by Mozzimoto. The song itself is a warning to us.

TPOTR - What inspires the music other than metal, do you get inspiration from horror movies?

Riley – My inspiration comes from not horror fiction depicted in film nor any music whatsoever. The fuel that makes the PTL machine run is what you see all around you. Corrupt religion, Governments and insipid people running our one home into the f**king ground without realisation of consequence. Through frustration I witness everything get destroyed everyday. This grotesque reality that we must face as a species is my inspiration. I wish I didn’t have to write about this stuff, but sometimes the scariest things, are the truth.

TPOTR - I've talked with Australian bands before and one topic which always comes up is how hard it is for an Australian band to make it at an international level, it's definitly not got to do with the lack of bands or talent. What are your thoughts on this?

Layne - Australia just doesn't appeal to record labels for some reason. My old band Maniacal released an album and we sent it off to a few labels and they all said that the music is great, but it just won't sell because we're from Australia. It really is hard, but a lot of us pride ourselves on our music and we all hope to get somewhere eventually. Unfortunately that just won't happen for most bands.

Riley – The Australian scene deserves more recognition. Not us in particular, but I’ve heard some incredible stuff from Australia. I just don’t want the Earth to forget about us down here!

TPOTR – What is the metal scene like in Australia?

Layne - We definitely have a lot of great bands, a lot of potential. Here in the rural parts of South Australia we don't have many bands, so when a band does play, things normally go off of the hook. The fans are great, loyal people and love to have fun in the pit. (None of that karate stuff though)

Riley – Tasty. Simply tasty.

TPOTR – Is there any other Australian bands we should know about?

Layne - Beyond Mortal Dreams
Darklord (R.I.P.)
Dead Fetus Factory
Grove Street
Ne Obliviscaris
Putrescent Seepage
Se Bon Ki Ra
Seminal Embalmment
Waking Giants
And Whoretopsy

TPOTR - What are your current and future plans for the band?

Layne - In a few weeks we're going to head off to a recording studio to record a three-track promo, which we will then send off to record labels. It will also be released to the public for purchase between late 2013 to early 2014. We're also looking at getting some merch around that time too, but for that we rely on our promo to sell. Around mid 2014 we're looking at getting into the studio again to record our debut full-length which will hopefully be released sometime in 2014.

Check out their debut Ep below which the band are offering as a name your price purchase.
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