Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Dream Death's classic piece of doom/thrash ''Journey into Mystery" is one of those albums I go back to again and again every time I want to hear some epic, dark and more importantly dynamic doom metal. This album was a precursor to the doom/death genre which emerged at the turn of the nineties with bands like Winter, My Dying Bride and Paradise lost and it sounds like no other. Taking the lead from Hellhammer/Celtic Frost this band took the doom of bands like Saint Vitus and Trouble and merged it seamlessly with thrash metal. At one extreme slow and seriously heavy riffs merged with more uptempo thrash, pure genius.

The band formed in 1985 and started to gig and write songs which would appear on this their only full length album that is until this year when the band released a new album putting a broad smile on many a fans face myself included who thought we had long since heard the last from Dream Death. Their first album in over 25 years "Somnium Excessum" was a worthy successor and already for the riff is set to be one of the albums of the year. After the bands first initial run the band changed their name to Penance minus guitarist Terry Weston. Penance went on to release six albums of pure slow and heavy doom metal and were first signed to  Rise Above Records owned by none other than Lee Dorrian of Cathedral fame as he was greatly inspired by Dream Deaths's Journey into Mystery album when he decided to leave Napalm Death and form Cathedral who went about following the path of doom. Now back to the album at hand. The mastery of slow heavy riffage cloaked in a doomy occultish atmosphere with more up tempo riffs creating a great dynamic and interesting vibe. This is a unique album that will never be recreated, a moment in time and  a piece of metal history, a corner stone of doom when doom, death and thrash collided.


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