Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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There are only a few bands I listen to simply because they and only them alone can transport you to an otherworldly reality far from where you began before you hit the magical play button which is all their own. Agalloch, Alcest, Primordial and My Dying Bride to name a few have this unique quality and are out on the fringes of metal doing something truly inspiring and transcendental and now you can add Canada's Moss of Moonlight to that hallowed lineage of bands. If you break down the sum of their parts they don't really bring anything new to the table but what they do to great success and simply sublime musical heights is to take many of the best elements of familiar genres and mold them into a coherent and seamless burst of artistic purity. So what do they sound like? Well their is black metal to begin with for a solid foundation but with that said it is far removed form the frostbitten infernal riffs of the second wave and is more akin to the blackened riffs a band like Enslaved now deal out like an overflowing well spring.  The next main element flowing through the music is the folk which is apparent in the vocal melodies and acoustic harmonies which flow in and out through the more metal tendencies of the band in a perfect mergence of complete opposites. This is far removed from the cheesy gimmicks of some lesser bands who seem to use folk as a selling point without any true understanding of the music. There is both male and female vocals with the male taking the more harsh aggressive metal vocals and the female taking on the for want of a better word beautiful melodies of nature on top.There is also the broader spectrum of classic metal and doom on top which show in the skill of the guitar playing and riffs. It's also important to note that at only 4 tracks and cloaking in at  41 minutes this ep offers more than most bands cram into a whole 14 track album. What more can I say only this is a must have for fans of less traditional metal that has a close bond to nature.


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