Saturday, July 6, 2013

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Mefisto was one of Sweden's finest and earliest examples of extreme metal following down the darkened path layed out before them by Bathory  and taking the music to new technical extremes while maintaining the evil occult atmosphere of Bathory. The band formed in 1984 as Torment latter changing their name to Mefisto when the band became more focused and had cemented their devastating sound and released two legendary demos in 1986  "Meglomania" and "The Puzzle" the former in my opinion was the bands best demo having more of a cohesive edge probably due to the focus of the band pushing in the same direction which changed for the second demo when the band was split into two camps with vocalist Sandro Cajander and drummer Roberto "Thord" Granath who both wanted to continue playing the more evil and brutal occult metal the band had delivered in such deadly force on their debut demo while guitarist Omar Ahmed wanted to move in a more neo-classical guitar vein similar in playing style to Yngwie Malmsteem which is evident in his guitar playing taking centre stage on the follow up demo "The Puzzle" which is a classic in it's own right if a less cohesive effort than "Meglomania". It goes without saying that anyone involved in the late eighties early nineties explosion of  death metal in Sweden were aware of Mefisto who definitely played a big part in inspiring and influencing other bands within the scene. 


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