Saturday, July 6, 2013

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Since the insurgence of thrash metal that hit like nuclear fallout upon an unsuspecting world with the rise of the NWOTM it seems every man and his dog has formed and released a thrash album with varying results, some significantly greater than others adding to a legacy of great music and with this trend not seeming to be waning any time soon I do treat a new thrash band with a degree of oh no not another one but from time to time a band does hit all the right spots and get me moshing like a metal thrashing maniac. So this brings me to Animator who hail from Ireland which is fast becoming a hot bed for great thrash bands with Gamma Bomb being the most well known band to emerge from the emerald isle but their are also a wave of new bands cropping up like Atominated or Pykosis to name a few who are showing a lot of promise and threatening to unleash a thrashing storm. Animator first caught my attention with their debut Ep "Open your Eyes" which came out last year and had a really surprising vital and fresh sound. "Blacklisted" continues on the thrashing foundation of that debut Ep and ups the ante somewhat. The album opens in fine fashion with "State of Emergency" which builds up in a slow and menacing way with background recordings of reporters and politicians talking about a new world order the the end of civil liberties  before the thrash fest begins and does it begin like  a nuclear bomb of metallic devastation. The album presents solid songwriting from the offset with energetic and convincing performances containig some of the best moshing parts I have heard in some time. On the downside the vocals could have more character, I know thrash is not known for it's technically proficient vocalists but it is  known for vocalists with character and bite like my own personal favourite Bobby ''Blitz" Ellsworth of Overkill. With the amount of thrash bands out their now there is an over saturation and if a band wants to make an impact at an international level they have to go that extra mile to stand out from the pack with that said Animator are on the right path and one thing they have going for them is the solid songwriting which shines through on the album.


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