Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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What if Darkthrone didn't take such a drastic stylistic shift towards crust/punk after "Hate them" and continued on their blackened path but took a slightly more blackened thrash route something more akin to Aura Noir then you are close to what Rust spew forth with such venomous bile and metal intent on "Damned Hellish Voids". Thrashing black metal riffs by the dozen, frozen and razor sharp for those who like their thrash filtered through a black metal grinder. This is the greatest blackened thrash album I have heard since the aforementioned band Aura Noir came out with "The Merciless" which featured none other than Blasphemer who was the then guitarist of Mayhem. It's not suprising then Fenriz of Darkthrone choose Rust as one of his band's of the week a while back. Enough with the comparisons because what it boils down to is quality songwriting and almighty blacked thrash riffs coming forth from your speakers in all their mayhemic glory.


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