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Humanity defiled hailing from Belguim is the creation of one man Iwen Denayer who through his music deals with the darker side of the human psyche the part we all hope we will never have to face but in doing so he somehow makes sense of that which we can not understand nor even comprehend and in return offers some hope for those who dwell within the darkest corners of the mind.

TPOTR - You've just released your debut album "Circling the Drain" but before we start to
talk about the album tell us about how and when you decided to start Humanity Defiled?

Well, the start of the project was quite sudden. I don’t have the tendency to plan ahead.
One day, I just wanted to record a fast death metal song. I felt like I had to do it. That song became ‘humanity defiled’. After that, I really wanted to record more of that stuff. Before I knew, I had 4 or 5 songs. I contemplated on doing a whole album. I had enough ideas musically and lyrically, so I went ahead and did it.

TPOTR -  What are the reasons for you handling all of the instruments yourself?

I’ve played in bands before and I absolutely love playing live. But a few years ago I began to learn more and more about home recording. The great advantage of that, is you can thoroughly work out your own ideas without others interfering with it. That’s the main reason for me starting solo projects.

TPOTR - Do you see the band always being a one man project or will you bring other players in to write and record future albums?

Some people have asked me if I’m planning on doing this live. But there are no plans with that. I would love to try this live, but I don’t know if there’s people around that are able to pull this off. A jam session is always possible though. Who knows…Problem is I haven’t got a lot of time to rehearse. I’ve got a family and a busy job. Those things get priority, so…

On two occasions, friends of mine came along to play a lead part on one of my songs. Not the Humanity Defiled songs, other ones. And that was fun and also an honor.
It’s certainly possible for new Humanity Defiled-songs. Pity Hanneman is dead… J

TPOTR - Onto the album which for me is one hell of a heavy and emotional journey through
the darkest most forsaken and dreaded corners of the mind. What does the music and lyrics convey for you?

I’m an optimist. Even in bad situations, I’ll try my best to see a bright side. But I have to go somewhere with my darker thoughts. There’s a lot of stuff happening around me that makes me angry or sad. Music/lyrics is a way out for those thoughts. There are days I just have to record or write, because I need to get shit out of my system.
If see my lyrics as observations. Observations that make me think about how bleak our future is.

TPOTR - Does the music come from your own experiences or from that of close friends or is it all just your own observations on humanity as a whole?

I draw a lot of inspiration from my job. I’m a youth counsellor and I see a lot of troubled youths. I’ve been doing this work for more than 10 years so, evidently, I saw a lot of bizarre and sad stuff happen to young and adult human beings. One of the most important things my colleagues and I must do, is establishing a strong, confident bond with the people we see. That’s positive, but we also get sucked in too, from time to time. Music is and was my saviour when this happens.Sadly enough these things have also happened in my personal environment. Those situations always hit hardest.

TPOTR - Even though the majority of the album consists of straight up death metal it is clear
from listening to your music there is a lot of influences which go into the music itself from death to grind and beyond with one or two surprises popping up on the album. Who or what inspires you both musically and lyrically?

I listen to a lot of different music. Even within the confines of metal, there’s a lot to be found. I also love old school hardcore punk bands like SSD, Minor Threat, Slapshot, Bad Brains,… There’s also non-metal stuff I like. I listen to trance from time to time just because of the fact that those DJ’s know how to build up a song. I really love Dax Riggs and Trixie Whitley too. They put their souls into their music and that’s something I try to do too. Another band that influenced me big time, is Disembodied. A 90’s metalcore band that was once defined as the heaviest band in hardcore. They still are to me. The amount of emotion catapulted into their songs is huge. A few years ago I saw them live and I was truly ecstatic.

TPOTR - Amongst all the death metal there is three tracks which stand out as being the oddities. The first is the short instrumental " Ashes" which really adds a great dimension to the album and for me shows a great sense of dynamics and song writing skill on your part with the track being perfectly placed on the album. Tell us about the song?

I recorded ‘ashes’ on a day I felt really down. At the same time there were a lot of negative thoughts storming through my brain. I wanted to record something to calm my spirit. So ‘ashes’ was the result. Pretty negative though, because I recorded it with the thought of an extinct humanity in the back of my mind.

TPOTR -  Next is "Exit" in my review for the album I said  it was a song which deals with the topic of suicide in such a realistic and human way that it really leaves a lasting impact on you making you stop and think. The effect this song has on me is something I rarely get from music but it is moments like these where music can truly transcend and convey the unconveyable. What inspired the song and where did the idea come for the spoken of the song?

The last 2 years I’ve been confronted with suicide too many times. Personal and job-wise. I wrote the song with those experiences in mind. Two weeks after I recorded the song, a girl I was counselling also committed suicide. It was as if I saw it coming. I was kind of devastated when the news hit me. A year before a friend of mine did the same thing and 2 years before my neighbour took his own life. And there’s also a lot of youngsters running around with suicidal thoughts. The spoken part was something I found accidentally. It translated perfectly how someone with severe dark thoughts is feeling. And it fit the track like a charm.

TPOTR - Finally the cover of "A Spinning Song" by Dax Riggs why this number?

I absolutely love that song, so that’s why I covered it. But I didn’t want to cover it blindly. So I made my own version of it. I also posted it on a Dax Riggs fan forum and the fans liked it a lot. So I’m a happy man.

TPOTR - That's just about it, what are your plans for the future of Humanity Defiled.

We’ll see. For now, all is silent in the Humanity Defiled camp. If I’m feeling ‘death metal’ again, I’ll record more songs under that name. In the near future, I’ll be focusing on my other project, Doodsangst. Something totally different. More black metal oriented. You can find the first demo and one new song on

TPOTR - Thanks for taking the time to answering our questions.

Thank YOU for the opportunity to do this interview. Good luck and success with your blog!


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