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Newcomers to the death metal scene Disinterred have just released an uncompromising slab of pure old school death metal with their  "DEMO MMMXII" delivering a brutally festering piece of raw and apologetically heavy death metal. The band have been good enough to answer some questions for the riff, so here goes:

TPOTR - The band only formed last year and have already released your debut demo
which offers up three brutally classic death metal tracks. What were you all
doing before the band started?

Well we started calling us Disinterred last year but before that we’ve been playing together for a while. First, around 2008/2009, it was just me (Steven – Drums) and Milly (Guitar) jamming because we didn’t have an active band at that moment and just wanted keep on playing music. Kurt (Bass) joined us shortly after. While at first we just played a few cover songs from bands like Entombed, Obituary, Grave, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death,... we quickly started to write our own songs. We felt the need to have a second guitarist so we added Dwight to the line-up. We had a few songs of our own now and quit playing the cover songs. We only just needed a singer. At first we had Dennie who wanted to give it a shot but our kind of Death Metal wasn’t really his thing and he just joined the Belgian Black Metal band Saille which started to take more of his time. Then we asked Dimitri (who’s also in Fungus Inc. with Kurt) to try out singing for us. And the result is the demo. He’s an awesome singer.
Before Disinterred all of us played in several bands of all kinds who recorded albums and did tours.

TPOTR - When did you decide this is what you wanted to do?

The exact moment when I personally decided that this is the kind of music I wanted to make was the first time I heard the ‘Stinking Up The Night’ album by Death Breath. I’ve always been a huge Swedish Death Metal fan and this album is so pure and raw. It’s catchy without being too technical (no triggered drums, no 7-string guitars,...). That was something I wanted to make as well. Go back to the basics of Death Metal, make good music that we all like ourselves and the best of it all is that I can do it with a bunch of good friends.

TPOTR - I have to ask you about the Monty Python samples used on the demo which
were taken from the movie "The Holy Grail", who's idea was it to use these?

I love that movie and I always liked that scene because it doesn’t make sense at all (just like any other Monty Python scene) and it’s about ‘Death’. I thought it’d be fun to use it as an intro or a sample in a song... and we did!

TPOTR - There seems to be an almost dark ages vibe on the album with the artwork and also with the audio samples which refer to the black plague with the call of "bring out your dead" Is this a running theme on the demo?

It seems like it’s a running theme, but it wasn’t meant to be. But on the other hand, we’re a Death Metal band... So we kinda automatically have to sing about death and all the things causing it. Our guitarist Milly is very much into history and he loves to look up stuff on how people used to be executed in the dark ages. The band name Disinterred actually comes from some Pope who passed away but got disinterred from his grave to be present on his trial. He was found guilty and they cut off some fingers and buried him again in another grave. They later dug him up again to throw him in a river... (Milly told me to add this link with all the info on that case:

TPOTR - The demo also has some more doomy moments like Autopsy or maybe even Incantation which come across so heavy like the intro to " Once Bitten" what bands do you listen to outside of the band?

We all love Death Metal but on the side most of us like a lot of other kinds of music. Going from stoner to soul to hip hop to 80’s hardcore to...
The doomy moments obviously make the music a little bit more catchy. It adds some melody and is perfect to headbang on. Every doomy part in a song played by any band is basically based on based on the song Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath!

TPOTR - Are their any plans for a full-length in the works?

Well we are currently working on new songs and we’re not sure yet how we’ll release them. We have several ideas on how we’ll release them but before we decide anything we have to see how many songs we’ll have.
Next month (end of June/beginning of July) we’ll also release a split 7” with the UK Black Metal band The Infernal Sea. We played our first show with them and we’re really happy to be sharing a 7” with them! You should check them out as well!

TPOTR - What is the metal scene like in Belgium?

It’s cool! We have a lot of cool underground shows and a lot of touring bands play in Belgium. During the summer we have a few cool mid-size festivals with both local as international bands and then there’s the huge festivals with some metal bands on the bill as well. We’re not complaining at all!

TPOTR - Do you have any plans to tour throughout Europe in support of the demo or will you await your assault and focus on a full-length and finding maybe a home for the band?

We only played two shows so far and it’s been great. We love to play live and we’re looking forward to playing more shows. But I think it’s too soon to start touring with only a demo-tape. Also most of us have jobs and a family so that’ll make it pretty hard to go on long tours. We’re hoping to do small weekend tours (3 to 4 shows) in the future and play everywhere where they want to hear us.

TPOTR - What is the writing process like did you jam the songs in rehearsal or are they the work of individual members?

It depends... Sometimes we can start jamming and a song comes out of it. And it’s cool when that happens, because in one rehearsal you can end up with a completely new song. And sometimes one of us (mostly Kurt) comes up with a total song. But it’s not like there’s one songwriter. The final result is always an effort of all of us fine tuning the songs until it’s a song we can all be happy with.

TPOTR - Finally why did you decide to give the demo away for free to fans?

Nowadays the music-industry is fucked up. Bands aren’t making money on selling their music. Most bands make money by touring and selling merchandise. For the moment there are so many new bands in all kind of genres that it’s getting hard for people to discover new bands. So we knew that as a new band you’ll have to stand out to get heard. And nobody is going to pay for something if they’re not sure they’re gonna like it. So we made our demo available to download for free. And if they really like and they want to support us, they can always buy a demo-tape or a shirt. We know that we won’t make any money making music. We just don’t want to loose money on it either.

TPOTR – Do you think this is the way to go with a lot of bands even giving fans the option of how much they want to pay?

That’s something every band should choose for itself. And it also depends on how ‘big’ your band is. Big bands can get away with asking a lot of money for a record or a show because people will always stay true to them. For small bands it’s different. We’re an underground band. We don’t have endorsements or sponsors who pay for our gear or a van if we want to tour. We can’t afford to ask a lot of money to play shows because we’re only starting out. But if you play a show and people come up to you and they want to buy a shirt and a demo because they like your music then we’re earning more than just the money...


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