Monday, June 3, 2013

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If Venom formed today i have no doubt this is what they would sound like. Take Venom's "Witching Hour" and multiply the voraciousness and intensity and you have Desolator in a nutshell. An ungodly blend of blackened trash and death metal all molded together in one hellish meatllic burst of pure frantic chaos. Sounding like an up to date version of Slayer's "Show no Mercy" with all the impact and devastation of a megaton warhead. The production is perfect with an ungodly audible rumbling bass sound which pummels your head to a pulp. Amongst all the chaos and pandemonium the band show their acute songwriting skills in the melodies and interesting arrangements of the songs which show a band who have a lot to offer musically. Finally I have to mention the cover which gave me a good old laugh and probably should be taken with a pinch of salt. Sacrifice the virgins and drink the blood of Satan kids you know you want to. A classic demo indeed!


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