Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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It's hard to believe the incredible work on this album is that of one man Iwen Denayer.  Born out of anger, frustration and sorrow, the feelings and thoughts of one man bleed unto tape. Handling all instruments , programming and song writing except for the final track which is an exceptional cover of "A Spinning Song" by Dax Riggs which is an adapt finish and twist at the end of an emotionaly devastating album. Humanity Defiled are all about brutally honest uncompromising death metal that strangles the life out of the listener showing little or no remorse. Painting a bleak picture of the downfall of man and the hardships of life. The sound of late 80's early 90's death metal drugged up from it's hideous slumber and dragged helplessly through the mud to unleash devastating havoc once more. From short fast deathly attacks to slow grinding riffs laced with intricate guitars solos and subtle touches which go unnoticed at first but fester their way into your subconsciousness, with this album you need to go a little deeper. However it's not all brutal take the somber breeze for reprise that is "Ashes" for a fine example of a band which is clearly more than the sum of it's parts. During the song you can hear the burning of god knows what as the music creates an eerie and thought provoking sound scape. Which brings us to the the song "Exit?" which deals with the topic of suicide in such a realistic and human way that it really leaves a lasting impact on you making you stop and think. The effect this song has on me is something I rarely get from music but it is moments like these where music can truly transcend and convey the unconveyable. An album of great emotion, unrelenting honesty and humanity for better or worse. The album is available from Humanity Defiled's bancamp page as a pay what you want offer so be sure to check it out even if you only download it for free at least go and like the facebook page and show your support for the underground.


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