Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Design of Chaos play heavy metal loud and proud with a distinct modern edge a streamlined metal killing machine if you will. With this their debut EP the band spew forth their deadly and vicious intent with the voraciousness of a primed warhead. The band have been improving and honing their craft playing many gigs around their homeland of Britain building up a strong and solid fanbase. The music could be described as heavy metal but this has a very modern sound and an overtly apparent Lamb of God influence but this is taken mainly from that said bands peak period which came with their classic"Ashes of the Wake" album thankfully and not their more recent output. The playing is solid and passionate with energetic thrashy riffs delivered with pure unadulterated brutal force and the venomous vocals of a man you clearly do not want to get in an argument with. The only problem with this band and a minor grievance at that  that is they need to find a little bit more of their own identity and stamp on things otherwise things may become tiresome over the course of a full-length.


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