Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Deathknell from India who formed back in 2009 are an unsigned/independent band who on paper play melodic death/ heavy metal but what I hear is more of a slow chugging middle of the road thrash crunch.
Listening to their debut album I get the impression something is missing a certain energy or punch to give the music some much needed impact. It's not that they are particularly good or even particularly bad but they never seem to ignite. There is no jaw dropping moments or what the fuck was that moments. The bands main problem is the predictability, every song follows the same pattern of a slow chugging mid paced thrash riff followed by verse chorus, solo repeat. Except for the two ballads which are badly sequenced one after another. Their impact would have been greater if the were placed in a different order and the ballads themselves aren't really anything special. The last song does pick up the pace and offer something more dynamic but sadly this is a Children of Bodom cover. Each song as a stand alone track is not so bad for example the song "Defining Death" is a great song bringing to mind early Sepultura but when you hear them one after the other it is a bit repetitive. This would be a great album to stick on and do a spot of housework but it's not something to get your teeth stuck into.This is their first release as a band so they still have a long way to go and if I were them I would shop this album around as a demo because my review would have been more lenient but because this is presented as an official debut full-length I have to say it doesn't cut the mustard. The band have potential but they need to find their own stamp and maybe stop emulating their heroes. They can play, they just need to let their metal spirits to be unleashed and let loose.


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