Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Banned From Hell are an Italian Melodic Death Metal band from Florence who formed in early 2011. This is their first official release and comes as one of the most fulfilled realisations I have heard from a band who present their debut musical offerings in a long time. Their is an apparent black metal undertone in the atmosphere created throughout this release without actually playing any particularly black metalish riffs but yet the dark nightmarish feeling is maintained throughout this E.P. to great effect. Credit goes to the vocalist who displays great versatility from death growls to ungodly shrieks which would scare the shit out of Gollum. The band also display a  progressive edge in the solos and structure of the riffs which twist and turn and are never predictable. After a short eerie intro the E.P. kicks straight into the track ''Hate" where the band display all of their ungodly intent. The E.P's strength lies in the musicianship and interesting song structures which surprise again and again and make this E.P. pass by in what seems like the blink of an eye and before you know it you have awaken from a nightmare and are trying desperately to recall what just happened. Each track goes by in a glorious blur of riffage and tasteful atmosphere enhancing keyboard playing which at times also takes the lead with the guitar playing along to the keyboards which adds a nice touch to the songs. This is one interesting and engaging listen from beginning to end and definitely a band to keep an eye on who are no doubt destined to move on to greater things.

The E.P. is available as a pay what you want release from the bands bandcamp page so be check it out.

Show your support and check out their offical Facebook page.


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