Thursday, April 11, 2013

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As soon as hit play and the furious thrash assault comes rushing through your speakers rattling them to near destruction. I am taken back to a time when thrash bands were dirty, full of unbridled raw energy and in your face. When the influence of punk could still be heard. When everything wasn't so precise and clinical but pure thrash energy and that's the essence of thrash right there, it's that chaotic energy you feel could just erupt into Armageddon at any moment. From the get go this band offer up a short razor sharp thrash attack that's raw to the bone and is presented with blisters and all, this is not the pro-tooled squeezed of life in some blind search for audio perfection squeezing the very metal out of the music. You know if you heard this band live this is exactly how they would sound and some bands spend a career trying to capture that. The E.P, is short which works in it's favour because the only problem I could foresee for this band in the future is that although this is great music in small doses but over the course of a full lenght the energetic thrash fest could become tiresome because of it's more simplistic punk influenced approach, imagine if Reign in Blood was twice the lenght it would lose it's impact so my advice to this band would be keep it short and sweet. On the other hand this could be there very own Reign in Blood and next will come there South of Heaven. I look forward to hearing more from this band who definitely deliver the goods.


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