Friday, April 26, 2013

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Acetic Voice charged raging with the full force of thrash onto the Greek metal scene back in 1988 and released four kick ass quick fire thrashing demos they however sadly never got the chance to release a full-length before falling into obscurity but we may not have heard the end of the story  because thankfully the band have become active again and plans are in the works to record new material. So until then let me tell you about one of Greek metals best kept secrets. Acetic Voice play an aggressive form of thrash more akin to teutonic thrash. With more of a bite especially in the vocal department where at times the vocalist even sounds like Abbath from Immortal or more like Abbath sounds like him, in fact it would not surprise me if Abbath heard this demo back in the day. Check out the two tracks below lifted from my favourite demo 1990's "Behind Bars" for proof of this bands undeniable thrash attack. Each of their demos are well worth checking out if you can get a hold of them through trading.


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