Monday, April 29, 2013

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The spirit of the NWOBHM is alive and well in the NWOTHM that Neuronspoiler deliver with their glorious metal in excelsis . Remember when metal was all about great riffs, face melting leads and a great set of melodic lung power in the shape of front man JR who does a fine job of bringing great vocals back to the forefront of metal. There is no faulting the pure undeniable metallic class and musicianship on offer here. What I love about this album is I can hear the echos of all my favourite 80's classic metal bands being brought screaming and crashing into the hear and now. In some way this is a throwback but on the other hand things have come full circle and this is again the music of our times, the kind of stuff that goes beyond mere trends. To reference one of the many highlights on this album the band "Take the Stage" and yes they do belong. To sum the album up solid riffing, incredible leads, soaring melodies and all around classic metal.
The spirit is alive, the spirit can never die!


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