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We sat down and put our questions to the rising metal beast that is MUTALISK and here is what they had to say!

TPOTR - When did the beast that is Mutalisk come into being?
MUTALISK - Mutalisk came into being about a year ago after we parted ways our bass player, although we have been playing as a band for over 3 years

TPOTR - What's the idea behind the name?
MUTALISK - We actually took our name from a Starcraft character. There is no affiliation with the game

TPOTR - Tell us a bit about your style, it incorporates more the just simple Death/Thrash and has a definite progressive edge to it?
MUTALISK - It’s definitely more than just Death/Thrash. I've actually heard a lot of people tell us we sound pretty black metal which is interesting because none of us are die hard black metalers. We are very interested in the possibilities of music and try to add something new to each song.

TPOTR - Who are your influences?
Our influences are Atheist, Cynic, Symphony X, Megadeth, Rush, Jason Becker, Herbie Hancock, Wintersun, and many more.

TPOTR - Where do you see the sound of the band going in the future?
MUTALISK - We see ourselves as an ever changing band. We write music that sounds good to us and if you listen to the oldest tracks compared to the newest tracks the sound difference in a year is quite a lot. The songs were writing now sound nothing like our demo but they all have a defined style that makes them unique to us.

TPOTR - Listening to your music I could see a definite progression from each demo. The music doesn't seem to be tied by any constraints or affiliation to one particular style which is refreshing.

TPOTR - Tell us a bit about the local metal scene in your area, their seems to be a lot of metal bands springing up like Extinction or Vengence. Do they put liquid Metal in the drinking water or something?
MUTALISK -  Haha I don’t think so. The metal scene around our area is quite incredible. It was big even before we were on the scene producing bands like Warbringer and Abysmal Dawn. Right now we are some of the senior bands in the scene and there are tons of new bands springing up all over ventura county and the valley.

TPOTR - Do you feel a connection with all the bands?
MUTALISK - Very much so. Jordan(Guitar, Vocals) was in Vengence for a while so we have been affiliated with them since the beginning. Extinctions been around for about a year now but all the members have been part of other bands that we have played with for a long time so ya were all pretty good friends.

TPOTR - You independantly released your own E.P have you had any label interest since?
MUTALISK - Not really but were not really looking. Independent is the way to go. We’re not really interested in being owned haha. Those tracks were actually just the rough cuts of some of the songs that are going to be on our album.

TPOTR - So are there any plans for a debut full length in the works?
 MUTALISK - Yes there are.

TPOTR - That's good news for fans. When will the album see the light of day and what can we expect to hear on the new album?
MUTALISK -  Due to our scheduals we havent been writing much this year but we plan to hit writing hard this summer and hopefully have something out by 2014

TPOTR - Will you tour maybe over here in Europe to promote the album?
MUTALISK - We would love to tour over in Europe!

TPOTR - That’s just about it unless you would like to add anything.
MUTALISK - I think that pretty much covers it. make sure to follow us on facebook and soundcloud! All our music is free to download. Keep it metal!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to interview you and I look forward to hearing the album.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page and show your support!
You can check out all their demo material and download for free from their soundclad page!
They also have an offical website which is worth checking out!


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