Monday, April 15, 2013

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New Brunswick, New Jersey's Forlorn Path formed back in 2008 and headed down the musical path which would lead them to their monumental debut album I now hold in my hands. Before this came two E.P.s namely " Being Towards Death" in 2010 and "Intifada" in 2012 both equally great in their own right and now this the epically majestic and towering statement of intent " Man's Last Portrait" and if indeed this was their last portrait they would have secured their name for the ages. Forlorn Path play what could be described as Progressive/Melodic Death Metal but that  would simply do the music a great injustice such is the depth and intricate playing on offer, embellished with subtitle music flourishes. Death metal seamlessly binded with dissonant melodies and interspersed with thoughtful and devastatingly effective piano flourishes. Evocative and showing a depth far beyond the bands years this is an emotional descent into the depths of mankind's darkened soul. At first the album and band can be quite deceptive and on the surface don't appear to be anything out of the ordinnary but man does this album deliver once you crack it's shell open and gaze deep into it's heart and soul. Amazingly the band are an Unsigned/independent band which in this day an age proves my point that the best bands are to be found working away in the shadows perfecting their art and releasing underground classics which sadly go largely unnoticed by the average metal fan which is a crime against music. I have spent the last three day's living with this album trying to find it's true essence in order to write a review which could do the album justice but the real beauty of the album is in that which goes unspoken. I could pick apart the songs one by one but it would only ruin the magic. So I say only this to you go to their bandcamp page where you can listen to this album and also download it for free or pay what you want. This is one of those bands that once their music pulls you in to it's world a world which all great bands are able to create which is unto their own then you will be a fan for life. So what are you waiting for go now and prepare to find yourself in awe and spellbinded by this truly epic masterpiece.

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