Friday, April 26, 2013

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Australia's Darker Half are an on the rise metal beast who play within an impassioned classic metal mold bringing back the classic metal traditions from the glory day's of thrash, power and nwobhm creating a modern but classic metal sound. You get the straight up high octane energy of thrash with in your face heavy metal like it was in the good old day's topped of with a soaring power metal vocal performance which would do the German's proud. Just listen to the track "End of the Line" for proof. Great riffing, fantastic melody and twin guitar melodies which bring to mind "Powerslave" era Maiden. "Tomb of the Unknown Solider" is another standout moment detailing the harrowing story of a disillusioned veteran bringing to mind Iced Earth at their best. The whole time you get the sense this band are on the verge of the stuff of metal legend. The feeling something truly great is around the corner and this is what excites me the most as I already have great expectations for the follow up because I feel we have not heard the best from this band yet. It seem in a scene like Australia where the country is often isolated from the rest of the world due to it's geographical location, that although it is harder for bands to make it than it is for example in Europe that there are still bands flying the flag high for nwothm and are playing worldclass metal which deserves to be heard.


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