Monday, April 22, 2013

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There once was two witches who met on a dark windswept night in the depths of a forbidden wood which stood on the side of the forsaken mountain of heaviness know as  the sacred Sabbath. Their names' were lady Doom and lady Stoner, they exchanged their wisdom of the riff and made a pact to bestow upon the world Absolute Blackness.
Here we now have the result of that fateful meeting. An album which melds doom and stoner through a seamless marriage in praise of heaviness and the riff. The one thing that stands out is the bass playing on this which is nothing short of phenomenal, each bass riff compliments the guitar to devastating effect taking each  riff to new heights of heaviness in only the way master Geezer could do. The bass is so important as to why this album works for it is here that the doom inherent on this album stems from with the guitar presenting more of the stoner vibe and together they work to complement and enhance each other. It's nice to see a Sabbath influenced band where the singer does not try to sound like Ozzy but on the other hand the vocals do need some work and are the only weakness on this album. Don't be fooled into thinking this band are mainly sabbath clones because their unique approach is all their own particularly in the psychedelic flourishes which are spread throughout this album. The band have achieved an almost perfect balance of the two styles with the band playing in a loose freeform jam which does take your mind on an almost spacey drug induced journey. Check 'em out for yourself and enter the Absolute Blackness!


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