Sunday, March 10, 2013

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Heavy Metal when it is done just right is something magical to behold an unbreakable energy that once it enters your soul becomes forever apart of the fabric of who you are. More than any other style of music it becomes almost like a religion. This is Heavy Metal how it was back in the good old day's of the NWOBHM. This is one hell of a demo, packed full of great riffs and leads and what a lot of metal bands forget about these day's in their search for brutality and perfection, the very essence of a great band songwriting. If you grew up on eighties metal and have a taste for the obscure then do your metal heart a great deed and check this demo out. The first track up which takes the bands namesake " Witches Coven" is the best song that Grand Magus never wrote and track two " Wrath of the Sorceress" would have sat nicely on Angel Witches 1980 classic debut album. The production is good for a demo and to be honest suits this music perfectly and makes it all the more enjoyable instead of being sucked of all life in the search for sterilised digital perfection. Their is a doom undertone throughout these songs bringing to mind the legendary Withfinder General which is the iceing on top of the metal cake. That's about it now my neck needs some well deserved rest after having this demo on repeat for the last hour. Check 'em out and support the underground.....\m/


Download the demo for FREE from the bands offical bandcamp page.

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