Saturday, March 16, 2013

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The demo kicks off in fine form with a slow and merciless Tech-Death song
which from the get go displays the sheer level of musicianship and technical ability on offer which continues throughout this E.P. never letting up for even a respite of air. And so "The Real Nightmare" introduces me to the world of Pervencer. Next up is "Disease" which picks up the pace somewhat and brings to mind the  devastatingly powerful precision of the mighty Suffocation themselves. This song contains an earth shattering and ear bursting solo which ends all to short leaving me wanting more.The riffs and songs vary throughout making this E.P. a very brutal and enjoyable listen from beginning to end. It's not all blast and brutality their is light and shade and little nuances in each track which is a credit to the bands sense of songwriting. "Destruction of your Body" starts with pulsating drums with an incredible riff played on top. The vocals which have remained more or less your typical Death style vocals show some variation on this song during the chorus where their are two vocals, one which almost sounds like a man insane. This song is really one that stands out with a short bass and drum solo after which I have to lift my jaw up from off the floor. On the final track "Hypocrisy" my theory is proven this E.P.  starts off great and  just builds and builds to heights of metallic perfection. All in all one hell of a E.P. from this young band who are surly destined to go down in the annals of metal history.

You can download the entire E.P. for FREE courtesy of the band from the link below.

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