Saturday, March 9, 2013

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This band is one of those hidden treasures you are blessed to come across every once in a while on your frequent journeys through the underground, the type of band you thank the gods of Metal for guiding you to and makes you wonder how pitiful your album collection would be without them. Honey for Christ formed almost 15 years ago in 1998 and since then have released 2 demos and 2 E.P's , all highly praised in underground circles for the sheer quality of music on offer. After what must of seemed like an eternity for  fans of the band they finally overcame all adversity and released this their long awaited debut album back in 2011 and what a debut it is. It's a rare talent when a band can conjure up the spirit of so many classic bands and albums without sounding like any of them. Emotional, powerful and thought provoking throughout this band have a magic all of their own. There is something truly amazing to behold that weaves itself through these songs binding them together in one outpouring of emotional metal. This is doom with a heavy emphasis on the metal. Each song is crafted to include subtle nuances which reveal themselves after each spin and make this album one which I for one will enjoy for years to come. The vocals are melodic but in a Katatonia type of way, sombre and haunting but way more heavier than the aforementioned Kataonia. Everything about these songs whether the band are playing more uptempo as in the album opener "All hope was strangled"  or playing at a more slower pace as in album closer " The final transition, is bound together by a deeply reflective and sorrowful mood which is something to behold, you can easily lose yourself in this album. A special mention goes to the lyrics, vocals and melodies the singer has a voice all of his own which conveys the honest sincerity behind the lyrics all presented in indivdual and sublimly unique melodies. To sum the band and album up, pure well crafted metallic class.

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