Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Doom's Day offer up one fine slab of contemporary classic metal packed full of riffs channelled from the gods themselves. Influenced by classic bands  such as The Misfits, Venom, Brocas Helm, Black Sabbath and Mercyful Fate and bringing that spirit up to the present day laying down their own classic album to add to that legacy. The album opens with a nod to 4 songs., Black Sabbath's self titled opening cut from their legendary debut, The Oath (Mercyful Fate),  Mr.Crowly (Ozzy) & Drink the blood of the Priest (Brocas Helm) with the sound of rain and a distant tolling bell and an incredible keyboard passage setting the mood the album starts off promising. Straight into the opening cut "The Unholy" and like a gift to your metal heart the song delivers a classic metal anthem which will have you raising your horns and headbanging like the good old days of metal. Great riffs, great choruses and proper use of keyboards which add to the over all menacing vibe. Throughout the album the band deliver time and time again classic after classic. I haven't heard keyboards like this in metal since "Blizzard of Ozz" The album benefits from each song having it's own character and no song standing out as shining above the rest. They seemed to have taking into account how metal albums of yore focused on eight or so classic songs, honing them until they were the best they could be. "Sabbath Deadly Sabbath" is a great tribute to the gods themselves and "The Sorceress" is a track which is slow to offer up it's hidden charm but after a few spins becomes a favourite. Only one problem with the album and a minor one at that, music like this deserves to be recorded on analog which these day's is becoming a rare and expensive thing for bands but worth it for that warm sound these songs cry out for. There is not mush more to say only if you love your classic and obscure metal but want to hear a new band taking the style into the modern age and beyond then check this amazing debut out for yourself.


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