Saturday, March 9, 2013

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I've been following Atominated Dublin's finest thrash merchants since the release of their debut demo of the same name last year which was a breath of fresh air in these times where their seems to be just about one to many thrash bands out their all doing more or less the same and however good they are is all well and good but it is nice to see a band who put their own stamp on things. They may not be the best thing since sliced bread but they do offer up their own twist, especially in the vocal department which owe a lot to punk and hardcore. It's this shall I say Atominized version of thrash that makes this band so adhering to me. Atominated take their que straight from the crossover thrash school, so forget your bay area and think more D.R.I. , Uncle Sam, S.O.D. or early Suicidal Tendencies. ''World Without Flesh""  is more or less a re-recording of the bands debut demo with two new songs " Atomination" and the amply titled " My New Face" with the exclusion of the mighty kick in the face thrash fest that was "Demon Storm" which for some reason the band have decided to leave off this E.P. at least they had the decency to give us two , excuse the pun, new in your face  killer tracks. What they have done is delivered a tighter more professional version of the demo and the progress the band are making as a unit and as songwriters can be seen in what is probably the bands signature tune ''Hook Torn Flesh"' which has come leaps and bounds from the version I first heard on the demo especialy noticable in the leads. If the confidence and playing which is evident on the track and the songwriting continues to develop at such a pace this band could put out one hell of a debut. Only time will tell.


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